Meet our Residents
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Meet our residents and find out what they have to say about life at Wadswick Green

“I love open countryside and can’t wait to get out and explore with my dog, stopping often to savour the views.”

Sheila Jennings

“Living here feels like a holiday. A holiday for life.”

Mr & Mrs Watson

“Thanks to the on-site facilities and events calendar, there’s never a dull moment for us.”

Wendy Osburn & Marilyn McGee

“The maintenance aspect of our old property was a major factor for us choosing a new-built apartment as we had a large garden, which started running us rather than the other way around.”

Judith and Mike Webb

“Although we appreciate busy New York and Spain’s sunny weather, we concluded that we are now ready for the next phase of our retirement. We are planning on spending six months at Wadswick Green and five months in Spain to get the best of both worlds.”

Evelyn and John Pease

“My overall health has improved dramatically, thanks to the on-site gym and Wadswick Green’s personal trainer.”

Vic Steadman